Well hello there you damn good looking readers. Sorry for my absence as of late. I’ve assumed my new position at work, and let me just tell you something: I DON’T LIKE IT.

I bite my tongue so much throughout the day that I can’t believe I have anything left. Grr. There’s one person on my new “team” who talks to me regularly (and not for the lack of trying). So I sit in my corner of the world quiet and observing the strangeness that is my new position.

I’m in the same building as before – heck the same floor – but things are so different over here. It’s like I started an entirely new job with a different company.

Below are some of my observations in the 4 weeks since I’ve been shuffled to this new area.

  1. People eat the craziest (and smelliest) things.

I don’t know many of these people per se but great lord of all that is good and powerful they eat food that smells like shit gone bad! One day a lady was eating something that smelled like rancid fish. I couldn’t help but to say something, so I asked what is that smell! She responded with, “Fish Cheeks”. Ummmm….excuse me? Fish Cheeks? I don’t care what they are they STINK. Another day someone else was eating something that to me smelled like canned moist dog food. I wear headphones to block out the stupid conversations – maybe I should wear nose plugs too


  1. Lawd – People dress like hookers over on “this side”

I’m a big, ungraceful girl. A klutz actually. I have managed to trip when wearing “flats” so I sometimes get a little envious when I see girls wearing nice heels. But there’s a fine line between “nice” and “hooker-like”. Even if I could wear 4+” heels, I really don’t think they are work appropriate. Match those up with tight leopard print leggings and a tight – no imagination needed- top and you got a girl who has a second job…

I see lots of “women” dressed like this over here and I sit and wonder how that ensemble is okay but my little kitten-heel “flip flops” are not


  1. Cologne/perfume/Body sprays are not a alternative to bathing

So kinda along the lines of #1, in addition to the smelly foods people consume over on “this side” there are several individuals who might not have running water and soap at home. Instead, they bathe in cologne/perfume, etc. I sit near one lady who obviously thinks the more she pours on the perfume the less we can smell the cigarette smoke (now, before I get chastised for talking ill about smokers – I’m not. Fat Daddy smokes). NEWSFLASH lady – the more perfume you put on actually makes the smoke smell even worse and more pungent. Ugh.


  1. Last but not least – PEOPLE ARE JUST RUDE/MEAN

I was in my new position for two full days before anyone stopped to say “Hi”. I’ve been here 4 weeks and unless I’m being asked to do more and more and more or fix “X, Y, Z” issue, there’s one person who talks to me daily. This team truly reminds me of the high school cliques. It was annoying then and now that I’m pushing the big 4-0, its’ even MORE annoying. The one lady that I do talk to is super nice and funny. However, one of the “Mean girls” stopped by my office and told me I shouldn’t talk to “her” because she’s a backstabber (in the three days before being transitioned to this team, I did my homework on a few of the peeps so I knew what to expect – the “Mean Girl” was definitely one I obtained Intel on). I looked at MG and said, “clearly she’s not the only one”. Needless to say, MG hasn’t talked to me since…ha ha ha


I want to go back to my “normal” area – but I know that’s not going to happen. So, I have to grin and bear it here. I’ll keep to myself – keep my amazing sarcastic/snarky comments to myself because they’ll be lost on most of the peeps here – and I’ll continue to smell my hand sanitizer – not to “huff” but so I don’t have to smell warmed up vomit encased in cheap ass perfume.

I’m accepting donations for a portable air purification system to put on my desk. You can send donations to: FAT MOMMA – SAVE HER NOSE – Cube World – Phoenix, AZ 85029


Binder clips.
Note pads.

Office supplies are the number one most stolen item from a work place. Whether intentional or accidental these items often times find their way home with us.

I read on the glorious FaceBook last night that a mutual acquaintance (why she’d post this is beyond my comprehension) was “fired cause I took some post-its home” and it got me thinking, or looking rather at my own home office. I might have acquired some post-its along the way and a binder clip. My purse probably has a pen or four in it.

Now, I don’t know how many post-its this person has in her possession or if there was more to the equation, but do you think possessing office supplies is grounds for termination? What if it’s truly an accidental borrowing, like a pen in your pocket when you leave for the day?

Do any of you office supplies at home?
What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever heard of someone “borrowing” from the office?
Ever have your lunch eaten/taken?

Back In The Saddle Again

Well I survived my first 3 days of work last week. I was exhausted at the end of the first day. Went to bed before 8pm that night. My body was mad because it didn’t get a well needed siesta.
Thursday was better and by Friday, I felt as though I had never been off. I was still tired but felt good. This week Little Man and I are fully back into our morning routine and I think he’s super happy. He’s such a creature of habit.

I found out Friday that I’m getting a promotion –one I didn’t apply for. One I’m not sure I want. But it’s a promotion nonetheless. I’m worried about the mess I’m going to encounter and the teammates I’ll have. I too am a creature of habit but change can be good. I know I can handle the work and added responsibilities; I just wish I had an option if I wanted to accept it or not. This all happens Wednesday. THIS WEDNESDAY.

The new position does have some opportunities in the future that could be great for the Fat Family; I’m just proceeding with caution and not going to get caught up in the “maybes”. I’ve been here too long to fall into that trap.

I just hope my new teammates get my sarcasm – if not, that could make for some very long, dull and boring days.


PS – according to spell check, all the words are spelled korectly ;-)

It Takes All Kinds

I love interacting with you guys. It’s the best part. However,  I had to laugh when I received a rude comment from a passer-by who came across my little corner of the interwebs tonight.

Apparently I owe y’all a big apology for my rampant spelling errors. I was told they’re quite ” troublesome”.

The best part of the comment was the poster’s lack of spell check…I actually snorted at this.

I don’t claim to be nor have I ever stated I was a spelling bee champion. I also do 99% of my entries on my phone…I don’t think I need to say anything further in regards to that. 

Maybe I need to fire my editors…those Damn minions aren’t doing their job. They’re probably off eating bananas.

Below is a little bit of the comment I received:

you need to test the spelling on quite a
few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I in finding it very troublesome to tell

The truth

You take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have the facts of life…hmmm, I wonder what Natalie is up to. She was my favorite ;-) 


I had my 6 week post op appointment yesterday (won’t officially be 6 weeks until this Wednesday). I talked my doctor into letting me go back to work.

Because of the surgery, I ended up with two large hematomas (the biggest, Hilda hematoma, was almost 9.5cm). Hilda & her cohort Henry, haven’t fully absorbed. I also had a problem with an abcess forming, which hasn’t fully absorbed either.

My recovery wasn’t what I thought it would be but it definitely wasn’t as bad as some horror stories I’ve heard.

Because I have an office job, my doctor allowed me to return to work. She wanted me to be off another 3 weeks. Ugh. I’m stir crazy enough; can’t imagine another 3 weeks at home.
I’m ready to go back to work. I’m ready to get back into my normal routine. So why am I having anxiety over going back?

I slept like crap last night. My mind was racing with thoughts of work. I’ve been with my company almost 5 years and I think I do a pretty good job. So why the heaviness & jitters? Why the “icky” tummy feeling?

I have a “To Do” list to accomplish today so I’m hoping that takes my mind off of tomorrow: the return day.

I’m just being silly with all this anxiety, right?

5 Thing I’ve Learned Since Being Off Work

I’M BACK – well not back to work but back enough to say HI to you all.

Recovery from my hysterectomy has been long and drawn out. I’ve had some set backs but each day is a new one: one I don’t take for granted.

I’ve been off work almost 5 weeks. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on many things: my health, my weight, my eating habits, the crisis in the middle East and how to watch season after season of a TV program – thanks Netflix.

Below are the 5 things I’ve learned since being off work.

1. I HATE MY JOB. I don’t hate working. I’m not the stay-at-home-time (thank you ADD) but I really don’t miss my job. I miss certain people but nothing and I repeat nothing about my job. I so wish I didn’t have to go back. But alas I do. I am thankful that it provides me a pay check and insurance but I truly hate what I do. I was going to start looking for something new before I knew I needed the surgery; now it’s kicked in high gear.

2. TV SUCKS. Real TV. Now in the Fat Household we don’t have cable or satellite. We have a good ol fashioned TV antennae and Netflix and Hulu. However, even though TV sucks, I’ve managed to watch complete seasons (yes plural) of multiple TV shows. I’ve literally fried my brain. It’s mushy.

3. PINTEREST IS THE DEVIL. Okay, not really but if the TV isn’t sucking me in, Pinterest sure in the hell does. I’ve pinned so many awesome things-recipes, crafts, projects, etc that If I lived 10 lifetimes, I wouldn’t do/make/taste all of what I’ve pinned.

4. TEA. I’ve always loved tea but we have become super duper close. I make a gallon of iced tea at a time. It barely lasts me a day. Yes, I said a day. I think I’m single-handedly keeping Liption in business. They should re-name the company FAT MOMMA TEA

And last but not least -

5. NAPS. I LOVE NAPS. I WANT TO SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS THAT I LOVE NAPS. I take one almost every day. Between 11-1 is my normal nap time. Some days its longer. Some it’s sooner. On rare occasions there is no nap and I can certainly tell my body is mad at me for not taking my siesta. I don’t know how I’m going to survive when I go back to work. I think my manager will frown upon me snoozing from 11-1 each day. Maybe I could take an extra long lunch??

I seriously hope you all are doing well. I’ve missed interacting with you all and will get back to the swing of things shortly.

Now leave me alone, I need to pin a few things before I take my nap!


Hello from hotel hospital. I had my hysterectomy and it didn’t go as planned, so I’m taking up residency here in the hospital. Hoping & praying I go home tomorrow. I sure do miss my little man. He’s been such a trooper and doesn’t want to leave me here. He gave me one of his frogs to sleep with so I didn’t forget him. Almost made me cry.
I wanted to check in & see how all of you are. I’ll write more later.
Til then, be well


Make-ahead meals are wonderful. Spend one day or one weekend cooking up a storm and you fill your freezer and ultimately your belly with good delicious food.

Some of my family’s favorite make-ahead/freezer meals are lasagna, chili and chicken soup. It’s so nice to already (sorta) have dinner ready for you.

Eating low carb, or trying to at least, really limits my make-ahead choices. My family will NOT eat faux pasta (like spaghetti squash, etc) and its too hot here in AZ for them to eat chili or soup.

I sometimes don’t mind cooking two different meals but when I’m running low on time it’s not the most convenient.

So, I’m reaching out to you, my low carb pals; what are some of your favorite make-ahead/freezer meals? What have you tried that didn’t survive the freezer?

In a few weeks I’m having surgery that will sideline me for 6-8 weeks. I’m looking for some great ideas to fill my freezer yet still eat somewhat healthy. Any ideas you have would be appreciated!

Lettuce talk about salads

I love a good salad. Munchy, crunchy lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion. Mmm delicious.

I got into a discussion with someone about what constitutes a “salad”. Does a salad have to include lettuce? What about potato salad or macaroni salad?

In my humble opinion, a salad is anything you want it to be. Ever hear of a jell-o salad?

I’ve been playing in the kitchen and I’m hooked on a few salads, bringing them for lunch and sometimes breakfast. But these don’t include lettuce.


My green bean, tomato, onion & feta salad. I drizzle a little EVOO and add salt & pepper. Soo tasty!


Here’s the basil, tomato & mozzarella salad. I love the sweet taste of the basil and the creaminess of the cheese. I added a little EVOO & salt/pepper to this one as well.

I eat so many tomatoes that a colleague has said I’m single handedly supporting the tomato farmers! I love love tomatoes.

I’d love to read/see & make some of your favorite salads!

Happy munching


I’m good at buying certain items in bulk: toilet paper, paper towel, laundry soap, coffee, but never really gave any thought to buying my proteins in bulk.

I recently started shopping at WinCo Foods. I hate grocery shopping so a place that can get me in and out quickly, save moola and provide decent items wins a big gold star in my book. Some friends of mine were talking about how awesome WinCo was so I thought, eh, what the heck. I’ll give it a try.

They have lots of bulk items. Dried goods. Pastas. Candy. Pink salt. Pig ears. It’s all there. Ready to be taken home by the consumer. They also sell gigantic packs of chicken, pork and ground beef.

I took the plunge the other day and purchased the bulk package of ground beef. 10 pounds of 85/15 beef for a hair over $30. For those beef eaters (not the Gin) we know beef prices (along with all meat) have gone through the damn roof lately. So my cheapskate brain said a pound of decent beef for less and $3 is a steal!

I knew I needed to split this monstrosity into smaller packs. I decided on 5-2 pound packs. One pound just isn’t enough for the Fat Family. I actually had fun doing this! And it packed my freezer!

I feel kinda dumb I didn’t do this sooner.

 Beef 1



How many of you buy actual food items in bulk? Any great pointers you wish to share?

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July. Whether you’re American or across the waters (you too have a 4th of July on the calendar, but it’s just not as cool as the day here in the good U. S of A). Stay Safe and light some fireworks!